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Small plugin to monitor arbitrary tcp ports on external infrastructure.
Python Makefile
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Simple TCP monitoring plugin for Dynatrace ActiveGate

This plugin tries to open a tcp socket from a Dynatrace ActiveGate to the ip address and port configured.

It reports an OK availability event to Dynatrace if successful, ERROR otherwise.



You'll need:

Package and upload the plugin to your Dynatrace environment

Create two files holding the URL to the dynatrace server and your API token:

$ cat .server 
$ cat .api_token 

Run make to package and upload the plugin:

$ make

Upload the plugin to the ActiveGate

In addition the plugin needs to be uploaded to the ActiveGate and extracted into the remote plugin directory:

$ scp .deployment/                100% 4147    88.1KB/s   00:00 
$ ssh
my-active-gate$ sudo unzip -uo -d /opt/dynatrace/remotepluginmodule/plugin_deployment/
my-active-gate$ sudo systemctl restart dynatracegateway



You need to configure one or more endpoints for the plugin to monitor. In the Dynatrace UI navigate to Settings / Monitoring / Monitored Technologies / Custom Plugins and select the ActiveGate TCP-Sockets Plugin from the list.

Add new endpoint gives you the Endpoint configuration Screen. The most important parameters are of course IP Address and Port to monitor. Device Display Name is what will show up in alerts and charts.

Plugin configuration

Chart Display

Navigate to Technologies / TCP connections then press Group details and select the desired device.

Currently only states OK and ERROR are used, WARNING is for future use only.

Availability chart

Problem ticket and Alerting

When the plugin reports an error, Dynatrace will automatically open a problem ticket as you can see on the problem screen:

Availability problem

The ticket ties into Dynatrace's powerful alerting system. Just as for any other problem Dyntrace detects you can configure it to alert you eg on Slack:

Slack Alert

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