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using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Threading.Tasks;
using Microsoft.Extensions.Logging;
namespace AsyncLocal.SimpleInjector.Web.Controllers
public class LoggingDecorator : ICustomerService
private readonly Func<ICustomerService> _decorateeFunc;
private readonly ILogger<CustomerService> _logger;
private readonly CorrelationContainer _correlationContainer;
public LoggingDecorator(
Func<ICustomerService> decorateeFunc,
ILogger<CustomerService> logger,
CorrelationContainer correlationContainer)
_decorateeFunc = decorateeFunc;
_logger = logger;
_correlationContainer = correlationContainer;
public async Task<Customer> GetCustomer(int customerId)
// Get async local correlation id and log.
var correlationIdBeforeAwait = _correlationContainer.GetCorrelationId();
_logger.LogWarning($"Getting customer by id {customerId} ({correlationIdBeforeAwait})");
// Call decoratee.
var decoratee = _decorateeFunc.Invoke();
var customer = await decoratee.GetCustomer(customerId);
// For demo purposes: get correlation id again after await and log.
var correlationIdAfterAwait = _correlationContainer.GetCorrelationId();
_logger.LogWarning($"Retrieved customer by id {customerId} ({correlationIdBeforeAwait})");
// Return values.
return customer;