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a go daemon that syncs mongodb to elasticsearch in realtime

Monstache CI Go Report Card

Version 6

This version of monstache is designed for MongoDB 3.6+ and Elasticsearch 7.0+. It uses the official MongoDB golang driver and the community supported Elasticsearch driver from olivere.

Some of the monstache settings related to MongoDB have been removed in this version as they are now supported in the connection string

Changes from previous versions

Monstache now defaults to use change streams instead of tailing the oplog for changes. Without any configuration monstache watches the entire MongoDB deployment. You can specify specific namespaces to watch by setting the option change-stream-namespaces to an array of strings.

The interface for golang plugins has changed due to the switch to the new driver. Previously the API exposed a Session field typed as a *mgo.Session. Now that has been replaced with a MongoClient field which has the type *mongo.Client.

See the MongoDB go driver docs for details on how to use this client.