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DCPU-16 Studio
1. About
2. A note on Ubuntu's Unity interface
3. Contact
1. About
DCPU-16 Studio is a graphical assembler, disassembler, emulator and
debugger for the virtual computers in Mojang's upcoming new game 0x10^c.
The program was written in FreePascal, Lazarus and uses the SynEdit editor
component. It features an editor with syntax highlighting, stepping
through code, watching memory and registers (including which registers
were modified after every step), a disassembly window and a few other
minor features.
2. A note on Ubuntu's Unity interface
The Unity interface of Ubuntu and specifically the new "pop up" scroll
bars interfere badly with parts of the program. You need to either
disable the pop up scroll bars globally or run the program like this:
3. Contact
DCPU-16 Studio page:
Kostas Michalopoulos
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