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react-globalize webpack plugin
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react-globalize webpack plugin

Webpack, React, and Globalize versions

Starting from v2.0.0, only webpack 3 is supported. If you need support for webpack 2, use our v1.x releases. If you need support for webpack 1, use our v0.x releases.

react-globalize-webpack-plugin webpack react globalize
2.x ^3.0.0 * ^1.3.0
1.1.x ^2.2.0 * ^1.3.0
1.0.x ^2.2.0 * ^1.1.0 <1.3.0
0.5.x ^1.9.0 * ^1.3.0
0.4.x ^1.9.0 * ^1.1.0 <1.3.0


Please read Globalize Webpack Plugin documentation. Usage is very similar, but with one more attribute:

  • writeMessages: writes new default messages for all supported locales under the messages filepath specified.

writeMessages requires messages to be set.

Also, see react-globalize and Globalize.

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