aampy - a python app to find and download messages matching an hsub passphrase
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[aampy] 1- a simple message downloader for a.a.m


Edit aampy.py and change the constants at the top (GROUP, NEWSSERVER, and NEWSPORT) per your liking prior to installation.

From the aampy directory, execute the command:

sudo python setup.py install

This will build an executable called aampy, and install it in /usr/local/bin. It will also leave a copy of the aampy executable in the aampy directory.


Create a file called hsubpass.txt with one nickname and hsub password per line, with the nickname followed by a single space. The file hsubpass.txt must be located in the directory you are running aampy from.

For example, you might try the following:

sam ThisIsMyHsubPassphrase
bob This hsub passphrase includes spaces
22 wonderfullife!
nickname One more time and we will be done

The nickname cannot contain any spaces. A single space should follow the nickname and then a free-form hsub passphrase.

Then run aampy and it will download each message from a.a.m and test to see if a match results with any of the hsub passphrases in your hsubpass.txt file. If a match occurs, it will add that message to the file messages_<nickname>_<id>.txt. For example if aampy found two messages for nickname bob and one for nickname 22, there would be two files, messages_bob_abcde.txt with two encrypted messages in it and messages_22_12345.txt with a single encrypted message in it.