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Here is a toy example that you can run to see how the Axolotl ratchet works.

First, create the database by running


This will set up two databases - one for each of the name1 and name2 identities. The databases will be unencrypted. You can set a passphrase with the dbpassphrase kwarg, or leave it out to have the system prompt for a passphrase.

Then create several text files to encrypt. Encrypt a file from name1 -> name2 using the following command:

 ./name1.py -e <filename>

You can then decrypt the file using the command:

 ./name2.py -d <filename>.asc

Try encrypting multiple files in both directions. Decrypt them out of order, and try to cause other mayhem. pyaxo should sort it all out for you.

I've also added ratchet_viewer.py, a utility that you can use to view the ratchet state as it changes. After you've initialized the name1/name2 databases, run ratchet_viewer.py in another window in the same directory. Load the new state as you encrypt/decrypt files and it will show you the changes.

One thing you may notice is that you can only decrypt a file once - after that, because of the perfect forward secrecy provided by Axolotl, the key is gone!

Finally, there is a file transfer example transfer.py, and a standalone chat program axochat.py. These illustrate the use of a context manager with Axolotl.