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Text messaging script for Weechat using Google Voice


  1. Edit the script or ~/.weechat/plugins.conf and input your credentials, api key and desired poll interval.

Retrieving your modern google voice API key

plugins.conf: = ""
 python.weetext.passwd = "${}"
 python.weetext.poll_interval = "120"
 python.weetext.api_key= "<api_key>"

or, if you don't want to use the /secure password storage in weechat:

 python.weetext.passwd = "mypasswd"

Load the script and weechat should connect to Google Voice. Then after "polling_interval" seconds, you should see your available text message conversations - one buffer per phone number contact.

In the weetext window, you can open text message windows to additional phone numbers by typing the command (from the weeText buffer):

 text 0123456789

This will open a texting window to phone number 0123456789.

You can also text multiple numbers at the same time. The syntax for this is (in the weeText buffer):

 multi <number1>,<number2>,...

Finally, weeText incorporates the possibility of symmetric encryption of text messages using OpenSSL. The code for this comes directly from the script, and you are encouraged to take a look at that script for usage instructions. One small difference, the cryptkey.* files are stored in %h/cryptkey rather than in %h as is the case for the script

pygooglevoice Dependency

This module is synchronized to work with the latest googlevoice package which can be retrieved via:

It currently uses pygoogle voice to establish the login session

pip install googlevoice


  1. Either: A) remove pygooglevoice dependency as it is only used for login now B) ideally, make necessary updates to pygoogle voice to wrap around new API
  • Figure out how to retrieve API key automatically.


The simplest way to retreive the api key is to open the developer tools in your favorite browser and see the requests that it is sending when you are logged into google voice

The latest google voice regularly polls and there will be plenty of requests with the api key in plain sight. See below examples:

The simplest way is to go to the developer tools in your browser and to see the requests being sent. See screenshots below

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Text messaging script for Weechat using Google Voice




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