Text messaging script for Weechat using Google Voice
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Text messaging script for Weechat using Google Voice


  1. Edit the script or ~/.weechat/plugins.conf and input your credentials and desired poll interval.


 python.weetext.email = "your_address@gmail.com"
 python.weetext.passwd = "${sec.data.weetext}"
 python.weetext.poll_interval = "120"

or, if you don't want to use the /secure password storage in weechat:

 python.weetext.passwd = "mypasswd"

Load the script and weechat should connect to Google Voice. Then after "polling_interval" seconds, you should see your available text message conversations - one buffer per phone number contact.

In the weetext window, you can open text message windows to additional phone numbers by typing the command (from the weeText buffer):

 text 0123456789

This will open a texting window to phone number 0123456789.

You can also text multiple numbers at the same time. The syntax for this is (in the weeText buffer):

 multi <number1>,<number2>,...

Finally, weeText incorporates the possibility of symmetric encryption of text messages using OpenSSL. The code for this comes directly from the crypt.py script, and you are encouraged to take a look at that script for usage instructions. One small difference, the cryptkey.* files are stored in %h/cryptkey rather than in %h as is the case for the crypt.py script

pygooglevoice Dependency

In order for weetext to work, you need to install pygooglevoice. This can be problematic to find a version that works (Google changes thinks occasionally ;). I keep a working version at https://github.com/rxcomm/pygooglevoice This is the one I use.


  1. right now there aren't really any... ;-)