A framework for making 2D DOS games in Lua
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A framework for making 2D DOS games in Lua. LoveDOS provides an API based on a subset of the LÖVE API.


Getting started

You can download LoveDOS from the releases page. If you're not using DOS as your operating system then DOSbox can be used to emulate a DOS computer.

When you run love.exe it will expect its first argument to be your game's directory. The file main.lua will then be searched for and executed. If, for example, your project was in a directory named mygame you would run the following:

love mygame

A small example program which displays white text on a black background and exits when the escape key is pressed is as follows:

function love.draw()
  love.graphics.print('Hello World!', 20, 20)

function love.keypressed(key)
  if key == "escape" then

The doc/api.md file provides a reference and overview of all of the built-in LoveDOS modules, functions and callbacks.

The doc/packaging.md file provides instructions for packaging your game for distribution.


Instructions for building the project from source can be found in the doc/building.md file.


This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the MIT license. See LICENSE for details.

LoveDOS includes Lua (MIT license). The full license for Lua can be found at the bottom of the src/lib/lua/lua.h file.