a Flutter "speech to todo" app example
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Sytôdy, a Flutter "speech to text" todo app POC

⚠️ iOS10(Swift) & Android



Install flutter

cd sytody
flutter run

📺 Video demo

How it works

TL;DR The flutter app open a channel on the host platform. It uses it :

  • to ask for speech recognition and microphone usage. The permission is asked on the first application launch
  • to start, cancel and stop the speech recognition
  • to listen to the recognition result

Flutter, native APIs and plugins


  • iOS : Speech API : 4 languages are enabled in Sytody : FR / EN / RU / IT
  • Android : SpeechRecognizer : recognition should work with the device default locale, but some others may needs to be installed to enable other languages.


Task list

A ListView with TaskWidget items


The tasks are displayed in a Dismissible Widget

Languages menu

A PopupMenuButton

Getting Started with Flutter

For help getting started with Flutter, view our online documentation.