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Ryan Tolboom


Developer, IT professional, open-source contributor, high school teacher, university instructor, and technology facilitator with experience in many aspects of technology from research and development in semiconductor manufacturing, managing IT infrastructure, and training teachers on effective technology use in the classroom.

Work Experience

New Jersey Institute of Technology (Newark, NJ)

University Lecturer, Informatices Department (2019-Current)

In Fall 2019 I begin working full-time for NJIT as a University Lecturer.

Adjunct Professor, Informatics Department (2017-2019)

I have taught IT310 E-Commerce Technology, IT420 Computer Systems and Networks, IT610 Systems Administration, and IT635 Database Administration. My classes are typically project-based and center around using open source software to solve real-world problems. All of my classes are infused with practical Linux system administation and often involve the use of a web framework (Ruby on Rails, Django, bottle) to create a web application that meet the needs of users.

Monroe Township Schools (Monroe, NJ)

Educational Technology Facilitator (2015-2019)

In my role as an Ed Tech facilitator I worked in eight different schools throughout the district with teachers and students from Pre-K to 12th grade. I aided teachers in the usage of technology in the classroom and worked to resolve IT related issues as they occur. This role included the administration of several databases, debugging andtroubleshooting of IT services, development of in-house resources, and the provision of technology expertise to aid in district decision-making.

A large portion of my work included helping administration inform their decisions with data. I utilized data visualization tools (Jupyter/iPython notebooks) as well as frameworks for data processing (MapReduce / Pandas) to provide insights that drove district decision making. I also trained teachers and admin on how to perform their own analysis from the distric level down to individual student goal setting.

As my duties were so varied, I strove to automate and document as much as possible. I created projects to assist in data upkeep responsibilities which primarily involved web-scraping / creating in-house APIs for web applications with asyncrhonous python (aiohttp) or utilizing a controlled browser session (selenium, phantomjs, casperjs) when Javascript needs to be run client-side. I developed an entire framework to pull information from the student information system through its reporting facilities and create a secondary database with an SQLAlachemy ORM. This allowed me to develop programmatically complex queueries that were otherwise unsupported by the system.

Interim Science Department Coordinator (2015)

As High School Science Department Coordinator my role consisted of being an interface between administration, parents, and teachers as well as budgeting and assisting in day-to-day operations of the department.

STEM High School Teacher (2006-2015)

At the High School level I have taught Physics, Chemistry, Introduction to Forensic Science, Biotechnology Concepts, and Advanced Conceptual Science. I have also developed several curricula in these areas.

While teaching I have continually developed and utilize educational games in the classroom. These included a set of tools called Iteractive Kinematic Equations which were developed to teach students how to solve equations using Javascript and HTML5.

Applied Materials (Santa Clara, CA)

Research Assistant (2004-2005)

As a research assistant at Applied Materials, I developed a system for measuring temperature effects on experimental semiconductors. I created a software library to interface with a thermoelectric cooler and a front-end program to allow an operator to perform tests. The library I designed was written in C and linked as a Dynamic Link Libray to a front-end written in LabView.

Integrated Photonic Systems / Petalogic (Trenton, NJ / Petaluma, CA)

Research Assistant (2003-2004)

As a research assistant at Integrated Photonic Systems, my responsibilities included developing and testing software that used the AutoOptics motion control system to automate common lab procedures. I performed the duties of a systems administrator, using custom Linux servers to meet the technology needs of a growing company.


New Jersey Institute of Technology (Newark, NJ)

  • Master of Science in Computer Science (Summer 2019)
  • Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (2004)

The College of New Jersey (Trenton, NJ)

  • Credits towards the Masters of Arts in Teaching Program (2005-2006)


  • Programming Languages: C/C++, JavaScript, Python, Java, Erlang, Lisp
  • Development Frameworks: Django, Android Studio
  • Linux systems administration / development
  • DevOps methodologies and tools: automated configuration management, cloud architecture design, containerization, container orchestration.
  • Data Science tools: Pandas, MapReduce, Jupyter/iPython notebooks
  • Embedded Systems Development: Arduino, msp430

Open Source Contributions

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