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The most efficient validation framework for angular applications
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Validation Framework

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The most powerful validation framework for angular based enterprise application with tons of form validation solution in simpler manner. This provides all type of complex validation and dynamic validation on Reactive Form, Template Driven Form and Model Based Form.

Decorator based Reactive form validation is one of the unique feature of the validation framework, which none of the other framework provides this kind of feature including angular. This helps alot for reactive form validation in Angular based enterprise application. Decorator based reactive form validation is much more simpler than the other approaches in angular based application, we know this is the new concept for the developers. But this is more efficent way to deal the form in multiple components. For More information about our validation decorators.

Please refer readme doc of validation framework.


npm install @rxweb/reactive-form-validators

Contributing to rxweb framework

If you are thinking to make rxweb framework better, that's truly great. You can contribute from a single character to core architectural work or significant documentation – all with the goal of making a robust rxweb framework which helps for everyone in their projects. Even if you are don’t feel up to writing code or documentation yet, there are a variety of other ways that you can contribute like reporting issues to testing patches.

Check out the docs on how you can put your precious efforts on the rxweb framework and contribute in the respective area.

Need Help or Found an Issue

We highly recommend for help please ask your questions on our gitter/rxweb-project to get quick response from us. Otherthan our gitter channel you can ask your question on StackOverflow or create a new issue in our Github Repository.

For, issue please refer our issue workflow wiki for better visibility our issue process.

Feature request

You can request a new feature by submitting an issue to our GitHub Repository. If you would like to implement a new feature, please submit an issue with a proposal for your work first, to be sure that we can use it.

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The rxweb framework is open-sourced software licensed under the MIT license.

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