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Small fixes in (denoland#2118)

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J2P authored and ry committed Apr 15, 2019
1 parent 3bea62d commit 9cb959ec95fed60f4a5e54fd09a0506fbbe4d9c9
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@@ -277,15 +277,14 @@ the network:

$ deno
⚠️ Deno requests network access to "listen". Grant? [yN] y
listening on
⚠️ Deno requests network access to "listen". Grant? [a/y/n/d (a = allow always, y = allow once, n = deny once, d = deny always)]

For security reasons, deno does not allow programs to access the network without
explicit permission. To avoid the console prompt, use a command-line flag:

$ deno --allow-net
$ deno --allow-net

To test it, try sending a HTTP request to it by using curl. The request gets
@@ -411,7 +410,8 @@ async function main() {
} else {
const rawError = await p.stderrOutput();
const errorString = new TextDecoder().decode(rawError);
@@ -423,14 +423,14 @@ main();
When you run it:

$ deno ./subprocess.ts --allow-run <somefile>
$ deno --allow-run ./subprocess.ts <somefile>
[file content]

$ deno ./subprocess.ts --allow-run

Uncaught NotFound: No such file or directory (os error 2)
at DenoError (deno/js/errors.ts:19:5)
at maybeError (deno/js/errors.ts:38:12)
at DenoError (deno/js/errors.ts:22:5)
at maybeError (deno/js/errors.ts:41:12)
at handleAsyncMsgFromRust (deno/js/dispatch.ts:27:17)

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