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This code is very old and doesn't run on modern TensorFlow. Indeed, TF now includes a resnet model in its core library:

Also checkout my new ML project at

ResNet in TensorFlow

Implemenation of Deep Residual Learning for Image Recognition. Includes a tool to use He et al's published trained Caffe weights in TensorFlow.

MIT license. Contributions welcome.


  • Be able to use the pre-trained model's that Kaiming He has provided for Caffe. The will convert the weights for use with TensorFlow.

  • Implemented in the style of Inception not using any classes and making heavy use of variable scope. It should be easily usable in other models.

  • Foundation to experiment with changes to ResNet like stochastic depth, shared weights at each scale, and 1D convolutions for audio. (Not yet implemented.)

  • ResNet is fully convolutional and the implementation should allow inputs to be any size.

  • Be able to train out of the box on CIFAR-10, 100, and ImageNet. (Implementation incomplete)

Pretrained Model

To convert the published Caffe pretrained model, run However Caffe is annoying to install so I'm providing a download of the output of

tensorflow-resnet-pretrained-20160509.tar.gz.torrent 464M


  • This code depends on TensorFlow git commit cf7ce8 or later because ResNet needs 1x1 convolutions with stride 2. TF 0.8 is not new enough.

  • The script checks that activations are similiar to the caffe version but it's not exactly the same. This is probably due to differences between how TF and Caffe handle padding. Also preprocessing is done with color-channel means instead of pixel-wise means.


ResNet model in TensorFlow




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