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TensorFlow VGG-16 pre-trained model

VGG-16 is my favorite image classification model to run because of its simplicity and accuracy. The creators of this model published a pre-trained binary that can be used in Caffe.

MD5 (VGG_ILSVRC_16_layers.caffemodel) = 441315b0ff6932dbfde97731be7ca852

This is to convert that specific file to a TensorFlow model and check its correctness.

Run make to download the original caffe model and convert it. has an example of how to use the generated vgg16.tfmodel file.

If you don't feel like installing caffe, you can download the output here

The input ("images") to the TF model is expected to be [batch, height, width, channel] where height = width = 224 and channel = 3. Values should be between 0 and 1.

The output ("prob") is a 1000 dimensional class probabiity vector whose indexes correspond to line numbers in syset.txt.


conversation of caffe vgg16 model to tensorflow






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