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Replace +reset-baseline with +match-base-line-height

Proposed correction for #780 [with more sensible commit message]
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commit 3f57ca1421f0049d97d3fbee501170a27c76a42f 1 parent c9f7deb
@ry5n authored
8 frameworks/compass/stylesheets/compass/typography/_vertical_rhythm.scss
@@ -64,9 +64,11 @@ $base-half-leader: $base-leader / 2;
-// resets the baseline to 1 leading unit
-@mixin reset-baseline {
- @include adjust-leading-to(1, if($relative-font-sizing, $base-font-size, $base-font-size));
+// Sets the element's internal line-height to match the existing vertical rhythm.
+// Note that the rhythm may still remain out-of-phase ('offset') from the
+// overall baseline grid, as margins, padding and more all affect alignment.
+@mixin match-base-line-height($font-size) {
+ @include adjust-leading-to(1, $font-size));
// Show a background image that can be used to debug your alignments.
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