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Welcome to RYA

Rya is a cryptocurrency and monetary system designed to be both a store of value and a medium of exchange. Using a free, decentralized monetary market, the Rya system tethers money supply to credit without the need for a monopolistic regulatory institution. Money supply is adjusted dynamically depending on economic cycles making for a better medium of exchange. Rya and its Proof of Trust (PoT) model is therefore expected to be a fuller and more complete substitute for Fiat monetary systems than any cryptocurrency yet.

Participance with the Rya blockchain unables:

Lend and Barrow money View accounts calculated credit score Calculate local and global interest rates

Read more about Rya vision here:

This Rya code is a fork from NXT project:

Jelurida lisence is attached.

Get it!

  • pre-packaged - coming soon

  • dependencies:

    • general - Java 8
    • Ubuntu -
    • Debian -
    • FreeBSD - pkg install openjdk8
  • repository - git clone

Run it!

  • click on the Rya icon, or start from the command line:

  • Unix: ./

  • Mac: ./run.command

  • Window: run.bat

  • wait for the JavaFX wallet window to open

  • on platforms without JavaFX, open http://localhost:7876/ in a browser

Compile it!

  • if necessary with: ./
  • you need jdk-8 as well

Improve it!

  • we also love pull requests
  • we also love issues (resolved ones actually ;-) )
  • in any case, make sure you leave your ideas at BitBucket
  • assist others on the issue tracker
  • review existing code and pull requests
  • cf. coding guidelines in

... on the forums:



The Testnet is a copy of our system where you can try out every functionality. Our Test is installed here machine located in Today this is the external IP: and you can SSH this machine. DO NOT RESTART THIS MACHINE!!! (IP address will be changed as a result of it) The only testnet peer you will have in your wallet from now on is the above testnet machine

  • What should I do to use it?
    • You must pull all the changes after 20.12.17
  • Which ports are used by the testnet?
    • 8877(SSL port), 8876 (non-SSL port / API server port), 8875(UI port), 8874(peer port
  • How can I upgrade the testnet node with my new changes
    • Prepare your new changes:
      • Compile your changes
      • Zip the whole directory you cloned after you compile it successfully.
    • Connect the testnet vm:
    • Stop the current testnet running node
      • Run: "ps -fC java" , it will print out the java process id (pid)
      • Kill the java process but run: "kill -9 "
      • Rename the current "rya" directoy so if something will go wrong you will still have a restore point to go back to.
    • Start the new testnet node
      • Transfer the zip file into the root directory of the linux cmd that was just opened
      • Unzip the zip file into a new "rya" directory
      • Run: cd ~/rya
      • Run: nohup ./ &
      • Run: exit
    • Validate your node is functioning well:
      • Once you run the command you will be notify that a log file was opened in the name of nohup.out, make sure you have no exceptions there and it includes the line "Rya server started successfully."
      • Notify the team you have upgraded the testnet node.
  • What shell I do if i had to restart the testnet VM:
    • Change the deafultTestnetPeers value in \conf\ to have the new external IP and restart the node (section 3 and then 4 with the same node).
    • Commit the same change into our repository.
    • Let everyone know you have done it and they must get your latest commit and rerun their node to use the testnet peer that have new IP now.


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