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b4c0253 @ryan-allen updated todo's, finally using this in our production app (lol), so th…
2 [ ] remove on_transition hook and introduce before_transition and after_transition,
3 so that it removes any ambiguities on when it is fired, and means we can
4 use it for bang method saving w/ AR integration, which leads to:
5 [ ] allow 'chaining' of before_transition/after_transition, so we can add extra
6 filters as we need to 'behind the scenes', or something
7 [ ] push active record integration, and binding, out into it's own class
8 [ ] look into the method missing w/ bind, and see if my idea why swallowing
9 was occuring was correct, and then remedy it (i don't like the method list
10 solution, mostly because i rally against all this 'method missing is bad'
11 rhetoric, hehe
12 [ ] really, really properly dry up the tests, beacuse they damn suck at present,
13 and make sure we don't loose any thoroughness in the test suite
14 [ ] see if we can make halt! and halt return execution from the 'action', and
15 if we can't, then maybe use 'return halt', and put that in the readme as
16 the convention of how to 'return on a halt condition', or something, even
17 maybe that railsismy thingo 'render 'blah' and return', maybe that's ok
18 [ ] w/ AR integration, work states into named scope :)
19 [ ] make a demo app w/ an autogenerated UI w/ the meta junk, for kicks
20 [ ] AR integration, allow custom state field
21 [ ] do we have predicate methods? i.e. @item.pending_review? @item.approved?
22 [ ] look into the reflection API, and maybe, stop returning symbols, or something...
23 [ ] use my modelling library for internal classes, hooray.
24 [ ] refactor library to make me look good
43f6eaa @ryan-allen oh, and this, too.
26 is that it? (nope):
28 [ ] make it in to a gem
29 [ ] make sure you can install it as a rails plugin
30 [ ] give the readme some working over with brass knucles
32 is that it now??!
af944bc @ryan-allen more todo notes
34 [ ] we need a method in actions, so we can omit transitions_to, so we can transition
35 from one event to an arbitrary state, i.e.
37 state :new
38 event :create do
39 if valid?
40 transition_to :valid
41 else
42 transition_to :invalid
43 end
44 end
45 end
47 is that really it now??!
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