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Project Deprecated

The guys over at Contentful have now released an official version of the API! Grab it over at the new GitHub page:


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A .NET library wrapper for the Contentful Content Delivery API.

Project Goals & Contributions

This library aims to provide a wrapper around all of the functionality provided by the Contentful Content Delivery API in a manner which is familiar to .NET developers.

Contributions are of course welcomed via pull request. I'd also appreciate any feedback on code quality and issues so that I can improve the project.


Via Nuget:

Install-Package Contentful.NET


The ContentfulClient is the main implementation of the API. It can be injected as a dependency by using the IContentfulClient interface. It requires a valid Access Token and a SpaceId passed in as a constructor:

IContentfulClient client = new ContentfulClient("productionAccessToken", "spaceId");

It contains two methods:


Returns a single item from the API

SearchAsync<SearchResult<T>>(searchFilters, orderByProperty, orderByDirection, skip, limit, includeLevels)

Returns a set of results based on the provided search criteria.

Above, T is an implementation of an IContentfulItem which can currently be one of four different types of items as defined by the Contentful API:

  • Spaces
  • Content Types
  • Entries
  • Assets

Search Filters

A "Search Filter" is a .NET representation of the Search Parameters available on the Content Delivery API. They should be passed into the SearchAsync method as an IEnumerable<ISearchFilter>. The API provides the following pre-defined filters:

  • EqualitySearchFilter: Compares string values for direct (in)equality
  • NumericSearchFilter: Compares numeric using the <, <=, > and >= operators
  • DateTimeSearchFilter: Compares Date/Time using the <, <=, > and >= operators
  • FullTextSearchFilter: Searches a field (or all fields) using a Full Text query
  • InclusionSearchFilter: Searches within an array for a given value

Custom comparators may be created by implementing the ISearchFilter interface.

Include Levels

Inclusion of linked Assets/Entries is supported by the API and are stored inside the SearchResult<T> result returned from a SearchAsync call, but only if the includeLevels parameter is passed. This should be an integer value between 1 and 10, indicating the number of levels deep the API should go to look for linked Assets/Entries

Built-In Properties

When creating SearchFilters, it is sometimes useful to query standard Contentful properties. These standard properties and stored in a static context in the BuiltInProperties class, for example:

var contentTypeFilter = new EqualitySearchFilter(BuiltInProperties.ContentType, "contentTypeId");
var createdAfterFilter = new DateTimeSearchFilter(BuiltInProperties.SysCreatedAt, DateTime.UtcNow.AddDays(-7), NumericEquality.GreaterThanEqual);

Image Helper

The Contentful service offers a way of resizing image assets stored within the Contentful CDN. These URLs can be generated using the ImageHelper static class, for example:

var asset = await GetAsync<Asset>("assetId");
var thumbnailImage = ImageHelper.GetResizedImageUrl(
    asset.Details.File.Url, // Original URL
    150, // Maximum width constraint
    100, // Maximum height constraint
    ImageType.Jpg, // Image format
    75 // (Optional) JPEG Compression Quality


Get a single Entry by specifying its ID:

var entry = await GetAsync<Entry>("entryId");

Search all Entries with Content Type "cat":

var results = client.SearchAsync<Space>(cancellationToken, new[]
    new EqualitySearchFilter(BuiltInProperties.ContentType, "cat")

Do a full-text search on all Entries with Content Type "cat":

var results = client.SearchAsync<Space>(cancellationToken, new ISearchFilter[]
    new EqualitySearchFilter(BuiltInProperties.ContentType, "cat"),
    new FullTextSearchFilter("manx")

Search for all "cat" Entries updated since January 1st:

var results = client.SearchAsync<Space>(cancellationToken, new ISearchFilter[]
    new EqualitySearchFilter(BuiltInProperties.ContentType, "cat"),
    new DateTimeSearchFilter(BuiltInProperties.SysUpdatedAt, new DateTime(DateTime.Now.Year, 1, 1), NumericEquality.GreaterThanEqualTo),

Kitchen Sink Demo

The repository contains the KitchenSink project which is an ASP.NET MVC 5 web project which attempts to give a practical example of the API. It's somewhat complete, but it could use a little bit more work.


DEPRECATED - A .NET library wrapper for the Contentful Content Delivery API.



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