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disco-java-ext is a Java implementation of the Disco external interface
(  I attempted to mimic the Python
interface for map and reduce functions in the MapFunction and ReduceFunction 
abstract classes.

Running wordcount:
1.  Git the source
2.  Run "ant" to build the jar.  Sun Java 1.6 is the only dependency.
3.  Distribute the jar to all the nodes in your cluster.  I prefer to use
	NFS or DFS, either way the path needs to be the same on all nodes.
4.  Modify and so that OS_DISCO is the path to
	the jar you just distributed.
5.  Modify to point to your Disco master
6.  Run "python"

Running a custom map/reduce:
1.  Do steps 1-5 above to get a working wordcount
2.  Implement your own rmaus.disco.external.MapFunction and ReduceFunction
3.  Jar your map/reduce functions and distribute them to the nodes
	(similar to #3 above)
4.  Modify and so your launch classpath includes
	your custom map/reduce jar.
5.  Modify vars "map_class" and "reduce_class" to point
	to your custom map/reduce classes (instead of the wordcount classes)
6.  Run "python"