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require 'jeweler' do |gemspec| = "solvent"
gemspec.summary = "Simple Ruby Library for expiring Varnish caches"
gemspec.description = "Simple Ruby library for expiring Varnish caches.
It currently relies on my own fork of Typhoeus, and that's not available as a gem...
So this is pretty much unusable. Just throwing it up here as an example until the
fixes I need get into Typhoeus::Easy" = ""
gemspec.homepage = ""
gemspec.authors = ["Ryan Angilly"]
gemspec.add_dependency 'typhoeus', '0.1.27'
gemspec.add_development_dependency 'shoulda', '2.11.0'
gemspec.add_development_dependency 'mocha', '0.9.8'
rescue LoadError
puts "Jeweler not available. Install it with: gem install jeweler"