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This creates a new branch for rails3 and fixes the default_scope issue

MissingHandle added some commits Dec 14, 2010
@MissingHandle MissingHandle Created Rails 3 branch
Fixed so that acts_as_list works correctly when a default_scope of ordering on the position column is present on the model.
  modified:   lib/acts_as_list.rb
  modified:   test/list_test.rb
@MissingHandle MissingHandle Added Comment to default_scope test
  modified:   test/list_test.rb

i think a made a mistake with the request - re-doing

ryanb commented Dec 14, 2010

Thanks for this, but I'm no longer maintaining this acts-as-list project. I recommend you contribute to the original Rails version: https://github.com/rails/acts_as_list

I should probably delete this repo.


Fair Enough. I actually did that afterwards already. So this makes 1 down, many, many to go in your giving back to open source request.

Yeah, you could delete it or put up a notice in the readme that it is no longer a maintained branch and that people should refer to the rails one. Either would be adequate. I don't know anything about publishing gems but I guess going further than that would be to add a deprecation notice for the entire gem and bump the version number to push anyone using it to switch to the rails version?

cheers, and I can't thank you enough for railscasts. They've saved my programming a ridiculous number of times over the last 2 years.

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