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module CanCan
# This module adds the accessible_by class method to a model. It is included in the model adapters.
module ModelAdditions
module ClassMethods
# Returns a scope which fetches only the records that the passed ability
# can perform a given action on. The action defaults to :index. This
# is usually called from a controller and passed the +current_ability+.
# @articles = Article.accessible_by(current_ability)
# Here only the articles which the user is able to read will be returned.
# If the user does not have permission to read any articles then an empty
# result is returned. Since this is a scope it can be combined with any
# other scopes or pagination.
# An alternative action can optionally be passed as a second argument.
# @articles = Article.accessible_by(current_ability, :update)
# Here only the articles which the user can update are returned.
def accessible_by(ability, action = :index)
ability.model_adapter(self, action).database_records
def self.included(base)
base.extend ClassMethods
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