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CanCan Specs

Running the specs

To run the specs first run the bundle command to install the necessary gems and the rake command to run the specs.


The specs currently require Ruby 1.8.7. Ruby 1.9.2 support will be coming soon.

Model Adapters

CanCan offers separate specs for different model adapters (such as Mongoid and Data Mapper). By default it will use Active Record but you can change this by setting the MODEL_ADAPTER environment variable before running. You can run the bundle command with this as well to ensure you have the installed gems.

MODEL_ADAPTER=data_mapper bundle
MODEL_ADAPTER=data_mapper rake

The different model adapters you can specify are:

  • active_record (default)

  • data_mapper

  • mongoid

You can also run the spec_all rake task to run specs for each adapter.

rake spec_all