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+= CanCan Specs
+== Running the specs
+To run the specs first run the +bundle+ command to install the necessary gems and the +rake+ command to run the specs.
+ bundle
+ rake
+The specs currently require Ruby 1.8.7. Ruby 1.9.2 support will be coming soon.
+== Model Adapters
+CanCan offers separate specs for different model adapters (such as Mongoid and Data Mapper). By default it will use Active Record but you can change this by setting the +MODEL_ADAPTER+ environment variable before running. You can run the +bundle+ command with this as well to ensure you have the installed gems.
+ MODEL_ADAPTER=data_mapper bundle
+ MODEL_ADAPTER=data_mapper rake
+The different model adapters you can specify are:
+* active_record (default)
+* data_mapper
+* mongoid

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