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is it possible to load resource passing params name like username?
in my project i'm using path_prefix and pass username as id. CanCan can't find resource
and raise exception.

  • if cannot, will be this on TODO in the future, and how can i override for now some method and pass something different than object_id to skip custom fetching instance ?

I'm new one in ruby and love cancan.
Sorry for english


i found temp solution for this issues overriding this methods for find resource:


  def id_param
      @params[parent? ? :"#{name}_id" : :id]



  def id_param
   @params[parent? ? :"#{name}_id" : @options[:find_by] ? @options[:find_by].to_sym : :id]


maybe something will be included into next release
Thanks anyway


Just so I understand correctly, do you want to use a different parameter than params[:id] to find the record by? Is there a reason you aren't passing the name as the :id parameter in the routes?


Closing since there hasn't been any response. If this is still a problem, comment here and I'll re-open.


There are other ways to get around it, which are all probably easier for everyone than going to the trouble of assigning a different parameter to find the resource by, but google led me here for a similar issue.

after uploading a video, youtube directs you back to a url of your choosing, with query string like
"?status=200&id=CmMU8MXikls". This overrides the default :id parameter, so if your route is like /posts/:id/upload_finished?status=200&id=CmMU8MXikls it will try and find a post with id = CmMU8MXikls.

I went with load_and_authorize_resource :except => [:upload_finished] as the solution which works fine, but wanted to note that there could be a legitimate reason why params[:id] was not the right thing to find the record by.

This issue was closed.
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