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CanCan, MetaWhere, and Association #261

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Ryan, great plug-in.

It appears that MetaWere doesn't like a string for the association name. The tableized_conditions method in active_record_adapter.rb returns the association as a string instead of a symbol. Has anyone else run into this issue? I haven't had much time to look into this, but changing name = model_class.reflect_on_association(name).table_name to name = model_class.reflect_on_association(name).table_name.to_sym appears to fix the issue.


Thanks, this should be an easy fix. I'll work on getting it into 1.5. I'm planning to improve the MetaWhere support in general, see issue #194.


Great, thanks.


fixing association conditions when MetaWhere is installed (thanks acmetech) - closed by 52435e9

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