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Controller without model - reloaded #45

j0llyr0g3r opened this Issue · 3 comments

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Hey guys,

IMHO cancan is lacking one important functionality: Right now there seems to be no way to use cancan for controllers without corresponding models.
Possible scenarios in which this feature is necessary:

  • ReportsController
  • AdminController
  • .....and possibly some other scenarios I can't think of now.

This guy here:
had the same question, but I couldnt find the "existing issue" he is talking about.

Any plans to implement this feature any time soon?


If I understand you correctly, you want to be able to do something like:

can :administer if user.is_system_admin?

and then check if a user can administer like this:

can? :administer

all without using any model, right? This can be done, simply pass :all as the second argument to the can method, and pass nil as the second argument to the can? method.

Personally I found it annoying to have to pass :all and nil, so I forked and made the secondary arguments default to those values if they're not set. See my commit here:

I've sent Ryan a pull request, and I'm hoping he'll accept the change :)


For the record, here is the other issue he was referring to.

It is possible to use a symbol like :report instead of a model class. However, there's not an easy way to use this with the authorize_resource method. I'll consider adding a :resource option where one can specify a symbol to use there.

@jimeh, CanCan is all about verbs and nouns. In your example you have a verb :administer but no noun. What are you administering? I can't think of a situation where you don't have a noun to go along with it. In j0llyr0g3r's example he has the Report. In the commit message in your fork you gave the noun which is can?(:administor, :site). Or it may make more sense to use :all if you mean the entire site: can?(:administor, :all).

If you provide a good usage scenario I'll consider pulling in that behavior. But in general I discourage not using a noun because it is an important piece of any authorization logic.

I do agree there is a lack of documentation in this area so I should add an article to the wiki.


renaming :class option to :resource for load_and_authorize_resource which now supports a symbol for non models - closed by 23a5888

This issue was closed.
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