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load_and_authorize_resource breaks caches_action #605

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I have a Rails app using load_and_authorize_resource to secure a controller.

I'm now trying to implement action caching on this controller but the action caching doesn't seem to work unless I comment out the load_and_authorize_resource directive. Has anyone else experienced this?

According to the CanCan documentation, the load_and_authorize_resource functionality works in a before filter so shouldn't conflict with caches_action.

I'm finding that when I exclude load_and_authorize_resource, the page is cached, and no database access is occurring after the first hit. However as soon as I re-introduce load_and_authorize_resource, the controller goes through all the logic for the action on every single request.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


It's a before_filter that determines if a user has access to a particular action. Here's a link to rails documentation that might help.

But, I am not familiar with your code so I could be wrong. If this is still causing issues, please report back with some code and we'll open it again. Thanks.

@andhapp andhapp closed this

Just in case somebody has the same issue, you probably had called the method check_authorization in your controller (or you parent controller). The caches_action caches the whole page and the before_filters are not executed. So cancan raises an exception because no authorization has been performed. If that is the case you could skip_authorization_check to bypass the verification.

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