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assets:precompile doesn't work with cancan on JRuby #609

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I wrote a JRuby application using the lates version of JRuby (1.9.2 Ruby) with Rails 3.2.3 and Cancan 1.6.7, if run "assets:precompile" in production mode the assets will not compile without any error or warning. They compile if a remove cancan.


I have not experienced this problem with jruby.
Can you paste the output of jruby -v and/or put up a repo with a new rails repository with this problem?


@tbraun89: Are you still having this issue? Please let us know either way.

@andhapp andhapp was assigned

I am going to close this for now assuming that this is no longer an issue. Please comment and I can reopen it, if you experience it again.

@andhapp andhapp closed this
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