Deny field of model when user manages model #627

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I have the following code.

can :manage, Event, :fan_id =>
cannot :manage, :events, :avatar

I then have in my viewer

if can? :manage, @event, :avatar

When a user that owns the event views the page the if statement tuns up as TRUE and allows the block on a form to be viewed. Why isn't cannot overriding the can?

Update: Formatted the code.

well I think you have to write this:
can :manage, Event, :fan_id =>
cannot :manage, Event, :avatar

but if you give some more code like what is in the table Event I think I can help you more :)


andhapp commented May 27, 2012

@gigdates: First of all, what are you trying to do. Your code seems incorrect to me. Please read defining abilities section again and see if that helps you.

@mikepack mikepack closed this Sep 29, 2012

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