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Deny field of model when user manages model #627

gigdates opened this Issue May 24, 2012 · 2 comments

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Gigdates Mike Pack tsmars15 Anuj Dutta

I have the following code.

can :manage, Event, :fan_id =>
cannot :manage, :events, :avatar

I then have in my viewer

if can? :manage, @event, :avatar

When a user that owns the event views the page the if statement tuns up as TRUE and allows the block on a form to be viewed. Why isn't cannot overriding the can?

Update: Formatted the code.


well I think you have to write this:
can :manage, Event, :fan_id =>
cannot :manage, Event, :avatar

but if you give some more code like what is in the table Event I think I can help you more :)

Anuj Dutta
andhapp commented May 27, 2012

@gigdates: First of all, what are you trying to do. Your code seems incorrect to me. Please read defining abilities section again and see if that helps you.

Mike Pack mikepack closed this September 28, 2012
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