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getting namespace in CanCan::ControllerResource #680

joxxoxo opened this Issue · 2 comments

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Andrey Rozhkovsky Anuj Dutta
Andrey Rozhkovsky

It parses @params[:controller] for namespace wrong.

    def namespace

There are specs

it "should attempt to load a resource with the same namespace as the controller when using :: for namespace" 
it "should properly load resource for namespaced controller"  # which uses 'admin/projects'

in fact controller name in params uses 'namespace/name' format

so i used monkeypatch which fixed this for me

CanCan::ControllerResource.class_eval do
  def namespace
Anuj Dutta

@joxxoxo: This was fixed by this pull request (#675) that will be merged into master very soon.

Anuj Dutta andhapp closed this
Andrey Rozhkovsky

sorry that i haven't noticed that.
actually i've tried that solution and some specs failed, then i've come to this: #681
could you look at that one too?

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