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Datamapper bang support #743

phillbaker opened this Issue Sep 18, 2012 · 3 comments

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Thanks for adding dm support to Canan.

I'm interested in the line here, where get is used. In the parallel find of ActiveRecord, on passing in a non-existing ID, ActiveRecord::RecordNotFound is raised. It seems like the equivalent would be to use get!, which is the DM method to raise exceptions.

Is there a reason the non-bang method was used? Or was this an oversight? I can submit a patch/specs for the bang'ed methods.


Can you try the most recent version of cancan (currently 1.6.10) to see if your issue has been resolved?

This is one of the oldest CanCan issues with no discussion. CanCan is struggling right now to implement support for rails 4, and the issue count is nearing 200. It would be a big help if we could close a few old issues and get the issue count down. Thanks!


👍 @phillbaker As been asked; can this issue be closed now?


Sorry for the delay. I've moved on from the project where this was relevant, but I think I was curious in the reasoning and was looking for a workaround. There doesn't seem to be much similar need from the community, so I'll close it. Thanks for following up.

@phillbaker phillbaker closed this Oct 10, 2013
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