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How to define conditions in ability for belongs_to, has_many association? #759

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zhaohuic Will Gray xhoy

My two associations:

class Project < ActiveRecord::Base
belongs_to :user

class User < ActiveRecord::Base
include ActiveModel::MassAssignmentSecurity
has_many :projects

# list of attributes that lab_admin can modify
attr_accessible :login, :cost_center, :last_name, :lab_admin, :as => :lab_admin

And in my ability class:

if user.admin
can :manage, :all
elsif user.lab_admin
can :manage, Project, :user => { :cost_center => user.cost_center} (????)

Lab_admin can manage all projects that belongs_to users that have same cost_center as lab_admin. Project doesn't have cost_center attribute. It has: Name User ... ...

Basically, I need:
1. from user.cost_center, get the all that has the same cost_center
2. from, get Project.user_id
3. display

I did lots of search and cannot find a solution to this. How do I define this condition in ability?


Will Gray

I think what you have will work fine. When searching for projects accessible by a lab_admin user, it will use an inner join with users and a where condition on users.cost_center.


Thanks. But now I got the error as:

NoMethodError in ProjectsController#index

undefined method `class_name' for nil:NilClass

Which 'class_name' does it refer to? The problem is that project doesn't have cost_center attr.

xhoy commented

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