load_resource for nested resources don't build has_one association #776

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I have an Owner model wich has_one Address, and accepts_nested_attributes for it. When loading a Owner, for the :new action, I expected the :load_resource method to build the association like @owner.build_address, but this don't happen with the code below:

class OnwersController < ApplicationController
load_resource :address, :through => :owner, :singleton => true, :parent => false

is this the expected behaviour and I have to do @owner = @address by my own ?

Thank you

xhoy commented Apr 10, 2014

Dear submitter, Since cancan/raynB hasn't been active for more than 6 months and no body else then ryam himself has commit permissions the cancan project is on a stand still.
Since cancan has several issues including missing support for rails 4 cancan is moving forward to cancancan. More details on: #994

If your feel that your pull request or bug is still applicable (and hasn't been merged in to cancan) it would be really appreciated if you would resubmit it to cancancan (https://github.com/cancancommunity/cancancan)

We hope to see you on the other side!

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