Regression bug v1.6.9 on polymorphic associations #825

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javinto commented Feb 13, 2013


I have a polymorphic relationship in AR class Client like so: belongs_to :monitorable, :polymorphic=>true

In release 1.6.8 this works
can :manage, Client, {:monitorable=>{:person_people=>{:target_id=>, :person_relation_type_id=>}}}

In release 1.6.9 the above line of code will generate an error:

uninitialized constant Monitorable
activesupport (3.2.12) lib/active_support/inflector/methods.rb:230:in `block in constantize'

This is a known caveat in the way CanCan handles polymorphic associations. See this article on StackOverflow and the wiki.

javinto commented Feb 21, 2013

H'm, I tried anything from the article and wiki in my ClientsController but with no luck. My client is called directly (no nested resource).

I finally managed like this:
load_and_authorize_resource :client, :parent=>true, :only=>[:index]
load_and_authorize_resource :client, :parent=>false, :except=>[:index]

There is no parent, but the index needs it. Why?
All other actions refuse to use the parent.

As my previous code "load_and_authorize_resource :client, :parent=>false" worked for all actions, I stick with it that something has broken in 1.6.9.

xhoy commented Jul 1, 2014

Thanks for your submission! The ryanb/cancan repository has been inactive since Sep 06, 2013.
Since only Ryan himself has commit permissions, the CanCan project is on a standstill.

CanCan has many open issues, including missing support for Rails 4. To keep CanCan alive, an active fork exists at cancancommunity/cancancan. The new gem is cancancan. More info is available at #994.

If your pull request or issue is still applicable, it would be really appreciated if you resubmit it to CanCanCan.

We hope to see you on the other side!

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