Cannot use accessible_by(current_ability), to be able to filter my index according to the role #938

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I am trying to filter the index according to the ability. I am using the wice_grid gem to make a table in the index, and to add a condition to tickets, we could use something called :conditions

I have tried to put it like that:

@tickets_grid = initialize_grid(Ticket, :include => [:user, :employee_department, :state], :conditions => [Ticket.accessible_by(current_ability)])

This is not working, though. I'm looking for any suggestions.

graywh commented Feb 7, 2014


Use a scope (relation) in place of the class instead of a conditions hash.

@tickets_grid = initialize_grid(Ticket.accessible_by(current_ability), :include => [:user, :employee_department, :start])
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