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I'm trying to define a user's ability to access something based on a column on an associated model, the problem is that it's a polymorphic association.

I've got steps, and each step has a steppable (either a lecture, a quiz, or some other action). I need an activerecord query that will work.

Of course can :read, Step, 'steppable' => {published: true} won't work since steppable isn't a table.

I've also tried joins and includes through a scope on step, like scope :published, includes(:steppable).where('steppable' => {published: true}) but that doesn't work because Rails can't eagerly load the polymorphic association.

Any advice here?

graywh commented Sep 20, 2013

Try adding the permissions one type at a time.

# app/models/step.rb
belongs_to :steppable_a, :class => SteppableA
belongs_to :steppable_b, :class => SteppableB

# app/models/ability.rb
can :read, Step, { :steppable_a => { :published => true } }
can :read, Step, { :steppable_b => { :published => true } }

Edit: Actually, you might have to make associations for each type of steppable and use those.

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