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twessler commented Jan 8, 2014

I am attempting to create nontrivial permissions for an ordering system using Rails 4.0.2 with CanCan 1.6.8. I have noticed some odd behavior when creating my test.

This is the relevant portion of defining the permissions:

  # Allow all actions on orders they create 
  ability.can :manage,
      :order => { :creator_id => }

  # Access their company's orders
  ability.can :access,
      :order => { company_id: user.company_id }


  # Revoke read access -- mainly so accessible_by returns no results by default
  if <no access>
    ability.cannot :read,

The permissions are correct:

  ability.can? :manage, po_he_created #=> true
  ability.can? :read, po_he_created #=> false
  ability.can? :access, po_from_his_company #=> true

However, the accessible_by helper is not working as I would expect it to:

  PurchaseOrder.accessible_by(ability, :read) #=> returns all Purchase orders in database

The model adapter is returning the correct conditions, but the SQL generated does not have the conditions:

  ability.model_adapter(PurchaseOrder, :read).conditions #=> "'t' = 'f'"

  PurchaseOrder.accessible_by(ability, :read).to_sql

  # => "SELECT "purchase_orders".* FROM "purchase_orders" INNER JOIN "orders" ON "orders"."orderable_id" = "purchase_orders"."id" AND "orders.orderable_type" = 'PurchaseOrder'

For now, I can get around this but I think that the behavior is unexpected.

I think this was a problem with my misunderstanding of how the abilities were aliased.

I will close this, because defining the permissions correctly fixes the issue.

twessler closed this Jan 16, 2014

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