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Fix #494: Make sure to actually call block with nil when subject is a Class #540

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Since there seemed to be two conflicting specs for can? being called with a Class, one simply returning true and one broken spec for, calling a block, I think I resolved the conflict and fixed #494. Check the bug and see if this is a fix you agree with.



@Sija Sija referenced this pull request from a commit in Sija/cancan
Sijawusz Pur Rahnama Merged PR #540 b75b0ba

[Verified] The specs all pass. And it closes an issue. :+1: :+1:


This isn't a bug but by design. CanCan used to actually work this way (passing nil into the block) but I changed it to skip the block. You can see my reasoning in issue #116. Also see Checking Abilities wiki page for more information.

I realize this is one of the most confusing parts of CanCan and worst of all can cause security holes. This behavior is fixed in CanCan 2.0 but requires a significant structure change to bring that fix back to 1.

@ryanb ryanb closed this
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Showing with 18 additions and 6 deletions.
  1. +6 −2 lib/cancan/rule.rb
  2. +12 −4 spec/cancan/ability_spec.rb
8 lib/cancan/rule.rb
@@ -30,8 +30,12 @@ def relevant?(action, subject)
def matches_conditions?(action, subject, extra_args)
if @match_all
call_block_with_all(action, subject, extra_args)
- elsif @block && !subject_class?(subject)
-, *extra_args)
+ elsif @block
+ if subject_class?(subject)
+ else
+, *extra_args)
+ end
elsif @conditions.kind_of?(Hash) && subject.class == Hash
elsif @conditions.kind_of?(Hash) && !subject_class?(subject)
16 spec/cancan/ability_spec.rb
@@ -55,13 +55,16 @@
@block_called.should be_true
- it "should not call block when only class is passed, only return true" do
+ it "should call block with nil when only class is passed" do
@block_called = false
+ @passed_object =
@ability.can :preview, :all do |object|
@block_called = true
+ @passed_object = object
- @ability.can?(:preview, Hash).should be_true
- @block_called.should be_false
+ @ability.can?(:preview, Hash).should be_false
+ @block_called.should be_true
+ @passed_object.should be_nil
it "should pass only object for global manage actions" do
@@ -283,12 +286,17 @@ class A; include B; end
it "should pass nil to a block for ability on Module when no instance is passed" do
module B; end
class A; include B; end
+ @block_called = false
+ @passed_arg =
@ability.can :read, B do |sym|
- sym.should be_nil
+ @block_called = true
+ @passed_arg = sym
@ability.can?(:read, B).should be_true
@ability.can?(:read, A).should be_true
+ @passed_arg.should be_nil
+ @block_called.should be_true
it "passing a hash of subjects should check permissions through association" do
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