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Clarify readme for rails 2.3 users #616

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Nicholas Clark Jeremy Friesen Ryan Bates Gimi Liang
Nicholas Clark

It's not immediately evident for Rails 2.3 users that a generator doesn't exist for them or where an Ability class should go. Issue #600

Jeremy Friesen
jeremyf commented

[verified] Simple documentation update. @ryanb Ready to merge (would send via twitter, but getting the fail whale)

Gimi Liang Gimi merged commit 8e46cca into from
Gimi Liang Gimi closed this
Ryan Bates
ryanb commented

@Gimi, please don't merge in pull requests (see issue collaborator guidelines). I'm looking for help cleaning out the issue tracker for now and plan to bring on full collaborators later.

Gimi Liang
Gimi commented

@ryanb Sorry about that!

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May 10, 2012
Nicholas Clark NickClark Clarify readme for rails 2.3 users 0bbe2e1
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@@ -31,6 +31,15 @@ User permissions are defined in an +Ability+ class. CanCan 1.5 includes a Rails
31 31
32 32 rails g cancan:ability
33 33
  34 +In Rails 2.3, just add a new class in `app/models/ability.rb` with the folowing contents:
  35 +
  36 + class Ability
  37 + include CanCan::Ability
  38 +
  39 + def initialize(user)
  40 + end
  41 + end
  42 +
34 43 See {Defining Abilities}[] for details.
35 44
36 45

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