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Clarify readme for rails 2.3 users #616

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It's not immediately evident for Rails 2.3 users that a generator doesn't exist for them or where an Ability class should go. Issue #600


[verified] Simple documentation update. @ryanb Ready to merge (would send via twitter, but getting the fail whale)

@Gimi Gimi merged commit 8e46cca into ryanb:master

@Gimi, please don't merge in pull requests (see issue collaborator guidelines). I'm looking for help cleaning out the issue tracker for now and plan to bring on full collaborators later.


@ryanb Sorry about that!

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Commits on May 10, 2012
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@@ -31,6 +31,15 @@ User permissions are defined in an +Ability+ class. CanCan 1.5 includes a Rails
rails g cancan:ability
+In Rails 2.3, just add a new class in `app/models/ability.rb` with the folowing contents:
+ class Ability
+ include CanCan::Ability
+ def initialize(user)
+ end
+ end
See {Defining Abilities}[] for details.
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