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Based on Mongoid adapter. Can you guys review it, please? I'm using it in my projects and seems like it's pretty sufficient for my needs.


mikepack commented Jun 18, 2012

Merges cleanly and specs pass.

What about merging it?


mikepack commented Jun 19, 2012

That's up to @ryanb.

+1 for merging


andhapp commented Jun 30, 2012

@Juggler: Thanks. Unfortunately, the 1.x branch (current master) is only for bug fixes. Can you please close this pull request and create another pull request for the 2.0 branch? Thanks.

***DANGER, huge issue!
Plucky::Query.remove() actually calls collection.remove()
This will remove all the records matching rule.conditions from the database - which is not intended, I guess ... ;)


maxprokopiev replied Sep 17, 2013

oops, I'll check this

Me too. Expect a pull request today.
Also thanks for all the specs! :)

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