Solves problem when authorizing new action. #754

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  1. @Serabe

    Solves problem when authorizing new action.

    Serabe committed Oct 4, 2012
    Given two models Category and Projects. A Category has_many
    projects and Project belongs_to a category. Furthermore,
    projects are shallow nested resources in a category.
    Let's say that a user can edit certain category's projects
    (and only one category can be edited by each user [1]), this is
    expressed with the following line in Ability model:
    can :new, :projects, category_id: user.category_id
    Given the old implementation, we get that any user can 'new'
    (though not 'create') a project in any category:
    def assign_attributes(resource)
      resource.send("#{parent_name}=", parent_resource) if @options[:singleton] && parent_resource
      initial_attributes.each do |attr_name, value|
        resource.send("#{attr_name}=", value)
    In this case, category_id in project would get overwritten
    inside the initial_attributes loop and authorization would pass.
    I consider this a buggy behaviour.
    [1] User belongs_to a category, and a Category has many
    users. On the other hand, there might be users without
    any category.