treat ActiveRecord::Relation as Array #917

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This fixes the problem with Rails 4, where ActiveRecord::Relation is no longer recognized as Array, which gives problems when defining abilities with joins - see #916

👍 merge this quickly please is cancan dead or what?

+1 for merge!



ghost commented Aug 23, 2013

+1 Having the exact same issue after upgrading from Rails 3.2 to 4.0. Using the cancan gem version 1.6.10.


About time to merge. This has been a big annoyance for me.


ghost commented Sep 17, 2013



+1 and looking forward to @ryanb coming back from sabbatical

sproot commented Jan 27, 2014


jcoyne commented Jan 28, 2014

I'm hitting this too. Please merge.


ghost commented Jan 28, 2014

If is any indication, Ryan Bates is not actively working on projects right now. If Ryan could delegate responsibility for CanCan to someone else, that would be wonderful. If someone here could take the existing pull requests and begin to maintain this gem again, I would be grateful. Until that time, I have stopped using CanCan in any new applications or in any Rails 4 application. I have moved to Pundit.

It would appear that this gem is becoming abandonware, if it isn't already 😦

@bignerdranchdan @ryanb is on sabbatical due to burnout. He'll most likely be back, but it may be some time yet. Not quite abandonware yet.

This change has been included in cancan successor:

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