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History / CanCan 2.0

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@dskecse dskecse Updated CanCan 2.0 (markdown) 285a7e7
@andhapp andhapp Add ability precedence section 43e71ab
@andhapp andhapp Added a note for using enable_authorization with devise. 320979b
@andhapp andhapp Fix typo. 22785e4
@bsodmike bsodmike revised previous update; change in wording. a44dd00
@bsodmike bsodmike Updated CanCan 2.0 (markdown) 28b8bcb
@invisiblefunnel invisiblefunnel Removed uneeded 'want' bfa5a8a
@ryanb ryanb Updated CanCan 2.0 (markdown) 699637e
@ryanb ryanb Updated CanCan 2.0 (markdown) 6f249fc
@ryanb ryanb Updated CanCan 2.0 (markdown) 5d2bc4b
@ryanb ryanb Updated CanCan 2.0 (markdown) ae06a75
@ryanb ryanb adding What do you think? section Updated CanCan 2.0 (markdown) a2b7655
@ryanb ryanb Created CanCan 2.0 (markdown) e0fc730
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