Debugging Abilities

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What do you do when permissions you defined in the Ability class don't seem to be working properly? First try to duplicate this problem in the rails console or better yet, see Testing Abilities.

Debugging Member Actions

# in rails console or test
user = User.first # fetch any user you want to test abilities on
project = Project.first # any model you want to test against
ability =
ability.can?(:create, project) # see if it returns the expected behavior for that action

Note: this assumes that the model instance is being loaded properly. If you are only using authorize_resource it will not have an instance to work with so it will use the class.

ability.can?(:create, Project)

Debugging index Action

# in rails console or test
user = User.first # fetch any user you want to test abilities on
ability =
ability.can?(:index, Project) # see if user can access the class
Project.accessible_by(ability) # see if returns the records the user can access
Project.accessible_by(ability).to_sql # see what the generated SQL looks like to help determine why it's not fetching the records you want

If you find it is fetching the wrong records in complex cases, you may need to use an SQL condition instead of a hash inside the Ability class.

can :update, Project, ["priority < ?", 3] do |project|
  project.priority < 3

See issue #213 for a more complex example.

Logging AccessDenied Exception

If you think the CanCan::AccessDenied exception is being raised and you are not sure why, you can log this behavior to help debug what is triggering it.

# in ApplicationController
rescue_from CanCan::AccessDenied do |exception|
  Rails.logger.debug "Access denied on #{exception.action} #{exception.subject.inspect}"
  # ...

Issue Tracker

If you are still unable to resolve the issue, please post on the issue tracker

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