Issue Collaborators

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The CanCan issue tracker has gotten out of hand because I have not had time to work on it recently. I am bringing on several Issue Collaborators to help. My goal is to make CanCan the best it can be and getting the issue tracker under control will help give me a clear direction on where to take it in 2.0.

Note: even though issue collaborators have full commit access, please do not make any commits or merge in any pull requests. I am just looking for help cleaning up the issue tracker at the moment. I will likely take on full collaborators in the future.


  • Questions: If someone has a question that can be solved with the wiki docs please point them to the appropriate docs and close the issue. If the question is not clearly answered by the wiki please improve the wiki so that it is and close the issue. If you do not have time to add docs at the moment, tag it with docs and help labels and keep it open.

  • Feature Requests: If it is a feature request that could go in CanCan 2.0, please tag it with 2.0 and feature tags. If you are uncertain whether it's a good idea, add a discuss tag to get some feedback. I don't plan to add features to CanCan 1 at this point, if it only applies to that release please close it and add a comment saying so.

  • Dormant Issues: If you are uncertain if an issue is still applicable and do not want to spend time investigating it, just ask "Are you still having this problem?" and tag with waiting. If you do not get a response within a week or so, close the issue. Mention you can open the issue again if they respond.

  • Duplicate Issues: If it seems like a common issue, do a search and look for a duplicate. If it is, close the issue and link to the other original one.

  • Bug Reports: If CanCan is not behaving in a way that it is documented to, add the bug label. Please verify this bug by trying it on your own and add a verified label to it if you can duplicate the problem.

    If you would like to submit a pull request to fix this bug, assign the issue to yourself so others know you are working on it. If not, add a comment saying you are looking for someone to write a pull request and add a help label to it. When a pull request is available, close the original issue and link to it from the pull request.

  • Pull Requests: Please try pull requests on your local machine to see if the tests pass and the functionality works as described. If so, add a verified label. Also add a bug or feature label depending on the type of request. If it is urgent, add a critical tag and ping me at @rbates on Twitter and I'll try to get it pulled in quickly.

    I will be reluctant to merge pull requests that are large or have features I feel unnecessary. Please add a comment to pull requests explaining your thinking on if it should be merged in and if you can think of a better way to do it.

It is a good idea to occasionally check the help and discuss tags to give your input on other issues.

Final note: if you are ever uncertain about whether to close an issue or leave it open. Close it and add a note saying you will open it again if someone comments. If it is beyond your expertise, just tag it with help and move on.

Thank you very much for your help in cleaning up the issue tracker. If you have any questions, send me an email and I'll update this.