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History / Nested Resources

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@joshuapinter joshuapinter Change order to adhere to previous usage. ff6c0b2
@graywh graywh Remove erroneous advice 45970c2
@Zaijo Zaijo fix 0ec6d9a
@Zaijo Zaijo Critical: Consider we have read access to project #5. Navigating to `projects/5/tasks/47` will show task 47 no matter what is it's parent project. 1db16dc
@rqbanerjee rqbanerjee Spent a lot of time trying to figure out why 'authorize_resource' on the parent object doesn't work - cancan needs the resource to be authorized *and* loaded. 2a0d33f
@ryanb ryanb correct authorization in polymorphic nesting Updated Nested Resources (markdown) 9585da9
@ryanb ryanb clarifying @project => Task Updated Nested Resources (markdown) 3d5b237
@ryanb ryanb Updated Nested Resources (markdown) 9f39a60
@ryanb ryanb Updated Nested Resources (markdown) 470555b
@ryanb ryanb updating to 1.4 Updated Nested Resources (markdown) 4d960a5
@ryanb ryanb switching to markdown Updated Nested Resources (textile => markdown) 956d411
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