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  • Attachment Support (thanks David Cornu)
  • Escape HTML in subject and other fields
  • Raise an exception if the :location option is not present instead of using a default
  • Open rich version by default (thanks Damir)
  • Override margin on dt and dd elements in CSS (thanks Edgars Beigarts)
  • Autolink URLs in plain version (thanks Matt Burke)


  • From and To show name and Email when specified
  • Fix bug when letter_opener couldn't open email in Windows
  • Handle spaces in the application path (thanks Mike Boone)
  • As letter_opener doesn't work with Launchy < 2.0.4 let's depend on >= 2.0.4 (thanks Samnang Chhun)
  • Handle reply_to field (thanks Wes Gibbs)
  • Set the charset in email preview (thanks Bruno Michel)


  • Fixing launchy requirement (thanks Bruno Michel)


  • Initial relase
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